AlteSil™ Silicone Cord

AlteSil™ Silicone Cord is useful for sealing applications to produce O Rings, seals, packings or gaskets. Cord is made from high temperature white, food grade Silicone Rubber.

Joined rings can be formed by cutting to length and gluing with silicone RTV sealant (sold separately). For best results cut ends to be joined at an angle, apply silicone sealant and hold together with pins for 24 hours, then grind or sand off excess sealant. Alternatively cyanacrylate glue may be used for instantly formed O Rings for lower temperature use.

This product is supplied talced to help with handling, reduce static and reduce attraction of dust and foreign debris. If you are using silicone sealant with this product talc should be removed with methylated spirit to aid adhesion.
  • AlteSil™ Silicone Cord

Material Specification

Hardness 60Âş Shore 'A' Density 1.20 g/cmÂł
Maximum Temperature 200ÂşC Minimum Temperature -40ÂşC
Material Grade Food Colour White

Product Range

Cross Section  Product Code Price (+VAT)
per Metre
1mm 03-69-5001 £2.45 In Stock.
2mm 03-69-5002 £2.67 In Stock.
3mm 03-69-5003 £3.06 In Stock.
4mm 03-69-5004 £3.54 In Stock.
5mm 03-69-5005 £4.51 In Stock.
6mm 03-69-5006 £5.15 In Stock.
7mm 03-69-5007 £5.83 In Stock.
8mm 03-69-5008 £6.83 In Stock
9mm 03-69-5009 £7.82 In Stock
10mm 03-69-5010 £9.37 In Stock.